About Us

The VYC Difference

Your voyage with VYC isn’t merely transactional; it’s an immersion into a heritage defined by professional sailboat racing and luxury superyacht servicing.

1. Heritage

Born from Racing, Perfected for Endurance

In 2010, VYC was launched with a vision to empower yacht captains and their crew. Our sole mission: to offer an array of unmatched luxury superyacht services built to last. With each wave and tide, we’ve championed our cause, partnering with esteemed global brands and suppliers. VYC stands as a symbol of luxury, dedication, and unparalleled service in the superyacht service industry.







2. Experience

Decades of Superyacht Servicing

VYC’s strength lies in its team. With over twenty years of hands-on experience in the superyacht industry, our team boasts an intimate understanding of what yachts truly require. Our profound knowledge allows us to provide a vast network of superyacht services. 

Let us do the
leg work

With an entire team of marine experts, an exclusive connection to top-tier suppliers and manufacturers and a wealth of experience at your disposal, nothing is out of reach.

3. Work

Where Precision Meets Passion


“During the winter of 2013/14 M/Y Integrity underwent a significant transformation with a full re-paint and exterior refit. Both Ben & Russell from VYC showcased unmatched expertise. Their planning, supervision, and flawless execution were pivotal in ensuring the refit went seamlessly. Their profound local knowledge and expertise are unparalleled. Engaging with VYC for any yacht endeavor in Palma is a decision one will never regret. Their fairly priced services, coupled with their professionalism and courtesy, stand as their hallmark.”

Our Connects

Over the past decade we have fostered invaluable connections with the most sought-after manufacturers and suppliers.

**VYC is thrilled to be the sole distributors for
shaped automated blinds in the Balearics.**

VYC Services

For the Elite

Tailor-made marine and residential products built to enhance, endure and protect.


Customisable, tailor made, high endurance uniforms for your crew

Yacht Interiors

Shades, window treatments, moterised and automated blinds


Enhance your living space with elegant window shades and blinds for your home.

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Connect with our experts and discover tailored solutions.

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