VYC Clothing

Superior Crew Uniforms

Count on VCY to delivery on the latest in quality, safety and functionality

Dressing the
Elite at Sea

From race sailing gear to yacht uniforms for your crew, we have got you covered.


Your Identity,
Your Uniform

Yachts are deeply personal spaces, and your crew’s attire should reflect that exclusivity. 

Using the latest in print technology, at VYC we are able to match your unique identity onto any fabric.

Crew Uniforms
That Truly Excel

Designed to endure tough environments, exceed quality expectations and complement a crew member’s diligent efforts at sea. Ensuring nothing but peak performance.

Nature's Tests

Crew uniforms that not only endure but excel in demanding environments.

Quality Craftsmanship

Our uniforms reflect an unmatched level of dedication to quality and style.

Stay Agile,
Stay Fresh

Nautical clothing that promises ease of movement and optimal comfort, ensuring crew members remain agile and fresh.

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