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washBOX, the little box with a mighty punch!

VYC are now the main distributor for the revolutionary washBOX – the portable, anti-scale system changing the way boats do their wash downs, their washing and general cleaning.

What does the washBOX do?

washBOX changes the shape of the lime crystals into microscopic smooth crystal sticks by environmentally friendly, physical treatment. These new shaped crystals can no longer stick together and do not form hard lime deposits.

This means that the water is softer, the saponification is stronger, therefore the detergents can be reduced up to 50%! Washing with washBOX is now easier and faster!

What is the washBOX?

  • portable electronic anti-scale system
  • salt and chemical free
  • maintenance-free
  • extremely stable
  • waterproof
  • capacity 3000 L/h
  • The environmentally friendly alternative to water softeners

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